“I couldn’t walk more than 60 feet. I couldn’t even drive.
I met my clients while lying on the office floor and I was totally dependent on drugs; I couldn’t believe that I returned to normal activities within 3 weeks, without taking drugs”

Read Iris’ full story and learn how a pain and drug free patient returns
to normal day-to-day activities

Read Iris’ Full story

Traction on the move
for rapid healing

Vertetrac combines the benefits of dynamic traction therapy with the freedom of movement to deliver immediate back pain relief.

Vertetrac’s lumber ambulatory decompression solution is an innovative, mobile and cost-effective method for treating lower back pain without drugs and surgery.

It offers a superior alternative to surgery, body braces or decompression table treatments, bringing relief to spine related injuries and disorders including herniated discs and Sciatica.

Traction on the move
it uses motion to speed up recovery!

Treatment is more than a back-and-forth motion: Vertetrac outperforms traditional treatments by combining decompression with horizontal force, making simultaneous 3D decompressed asymmetrical traction therapy possible.

Being a customized treatment it is specifically tailored to the shape and condition of your back. Vertetrac is fitted to your body (by yourself or your medical provider) and is easily adjusted to your needs.

Treat the cause of you back pain rather than just alleviating symptoms: with Vertetrac you are encouraged to walk during traction; when your lumbar spine is in motion fluid transfer and increased blood supply occurs, making traction significantly more effective.

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“These devices have truly been amazing for the patients with outstanding clinical outcomes. I think I purchased them both around 15 years ago. As a result, we have likely avoided hundreds of spinal surgeries.”
Dr. Andrew P. Hatch, DC, MBA, PhDc
“One of my better cases was a 54 year old female with disc bulges at L3 4 5 on the left side she had severe pain, left sided foot drop, weakness and atrophy of the left quad, at first she could not tolerate the Meditrac for more than a few minutes but after a few days the only complete relief she had was when she was wearing the Meditrac, she had been scheduled for surgery but within three weeks her pain had reduced by 80% she was able to cancel the surgery and within another month was totally pain free and remains so to this day, this was one of many successes I have had over the years with the Meditrac and this case happened in the 1996, every now and then I still see this patient but never for the same type of symptoms as described above.”
Dr. Douglas Stam
I’d like to say that I am having very good results with the Cervico and Vertetrac here in Brazil… The results of my treatment are excellent.
Thank you very much,
Reneta Fidalgo
“While in the hospital , as I was considering the recommendation of the surgeon, a chiropractic doctor and friend, who had a good knowledge of my history, and an excellent knowledge of when surgery is necessary, told me about the Vertetrac and the good results he was having with his patients using it. I truly had a dilemma. On the one hand, a highly respected surgeon was saying surgery was imperative; on the other, a well-respected and successful chiropractor was advising me to use the Vertetrac to heal the damaged segments in my spine. I ordered a Vertetrac and began using it daily for a month. The very first time I wore the Vertetrac, I noticed that I could stand up without pain. This, in itself, was a very positive result, suggesting that the nerve irritation was greatly reduced and that structural integrity was being supported. I began walking a half hour per day, every day for a month. After one month I was healed. I would not call this healing a miracle, but just sound anatomy, physiology, and physical therapy. ”

Nathaniel S. Wirt, Ph.D., D.C.

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