Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spine. It is considered the most common spinal deformity. Approximately 500,000 American adults have scoliosis of over 30°. Scoliosis in adults over 20 years of age begins during childhood or adolescence and is mostly overlooked until it is quite severe.

There are two different forms of scoliosis; structural, with definite changes in the vertebrae, and postural, which is functional in character.

The D.B.S. (Dynamic Brace System) is a patented system used for the treatment of idiopathic juvenile, adolescent, and adult scoliosis. It works as an attachment to the Vertetrac and adjusts the traction with horizontal pressure onto the apex of the curve.

The D.B.S. system takes into account a number of factors; the physiological age of the patient, the size and location of the curve and the progress of the curve.

Initial treatment is the same as with the Vertetrac, although the D.B.S. System applies different decompression to patients with a sciatic scoliosis.  It delivers full recovery by helping to restore a normal upright posture while decreasing muscle spasm.

Unlike other braces, the D.B.S is designed for few short daily treatments and is advised not be worn continually.

Indications for use

The spinal curvature is between 10-30 degrees and features structured changes including rotation. The curve progression should be considered only with a minimum increase of 5 degrees on 2 sequential X-rays. We recommend using the D.B.S. treatment with a physician’s guidance and under the observation of a specialist.

Our Advantages


Dear Meditrac team,

we are very satisfied with the Vertetrac and DBS! Just because our daughter does not have to wear a classic corset. She can move freely and is only restricted for a short time. Furthermore, the curvature has already improved by 8 degrees!
The support of Orit Grober and Dr. Grober was very satisfying! The instructions for use are also written very clearly. Of course we had to ask a few things, but every patient is individual and therefore a contact person is also very important. It all worked out wonderfully, despite the distance.
The ratchets on the Vertetrac were a bit difficult to operate at the beginning. Perhaps they can be improved. Especially when the strap was too deep in the ratchet, it was difficult to fold up the ratchet handle to pull the blue strap out again. This happened to us especially in the beginning when we were still making mistakes. Now it’s a pretty good routine and there are no problems.

Then we noticed that we could not push the horizontal pressure bracket with the pressure pad far enough to the right. The curvature of the spine made it necessary to push the Horizontal Pressure Bracket to the extreme edge. This was not possible, because part of the Jaw Clamps protruded over the DBS rail and thus hindered us. It would be better to bring this part to the same height as the rail. My husband sanded it down. So we can move it about two to three centimeters to the right.

We wish you all a relaxing weekend and if you celebrate Whitsun – happy Whitsun!

In the appendix you will find the completed questionnaire.
You are welcome to ask us further questions.

Best wishes from Germany

Uta Remle and family

Uta Remle
“The results are shocking”, “I have been using the Meditrac brace for one year with alarming results. Cases ranging from 44 degree scoliosis to the most severe disc ruptures all resulting in dramatic symptomatic and physiological changes. The results are shocking, Usually within six months or less. If you are interested in treating the most severe cases with phenomenal results. Then do your research and purchase a Vertetrac today.”
Louis Salvagio, BS, DC, CCRD, PT
“As an Orthopaedic Surgeon, I usually recommend surgical treatments for scoliosis as the last recourse. Most scoliosis sufferers do not meet the parameters of a surgical candidate and should seek more conservative measures. Dr. Lau’s program is a safe and painless alternative for scoliosis patients and has merit. I would recommend trying Dr. Lau’s non-surgical scoliosis correction program with the Dynamic Brace System by Meditrac.”
Dr. Gul Keng, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dear Dr. Lau,
This is a greeting from Samantha Taiwan
And report to you the lately X-ray result of my daughter, attached is the picture from last week.
The Scoliosis is 36 degree now, obvious that treatment worked well, and -5 degree from the last X-ray check.
We will keep working on using D.B.S., Exercise and Diet.

I want to thank you.


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