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Vertetrac and Cervico2000 traction solutions work synergistically with the breakthrough Meditrac ‘Traction-on-the-Move’ treatment to provide patients with rapid rehabilitation. Developed by a team of orthopedic surgeons, Meditrac’s solution combines the benefits of traction therapy with the freedom of movement to deliver immediate pain relief and a sense of well-being.

Why Traction on the move?

In effect it works through a 3D ambulatory traction, whereby patients use the devices for a sustained distraction, and ambulate (move) when walking on a treadmill.

Research shows when the spine is in full motion patients are subjected to an increase in blood flow and fluid exchange, which are essential for spinal recovery.

A customized traction treatment

Meditrac patients can move freely, walk (and are encouraged to do so) and perform light physical activity while in traction. The devices are fitted onto the patient’s body (by the patient or medical provider) and are easily adjusted. None of the patients experience restricted, unnatural or supine positions.


Results are remarkable!
Maximum recovery can be reached within two weeks of 15-to-30 minute treatment sessions that are performed on a daily basis

Back & neck treatment changes 1000s of people’s lives in the US alone

‘Traction on the Move’ ambulatory decompression treatment delivers remarkable clinical results! To date, thousands of patients successfully recovered from chronic or acute back or neck pain without medication or surgery.

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